Breakfast 8am to 12pm
Specialties ½ order Full Biscuits & Gravy 4.00 6.00
Biscuits & Gravy Breakfast (2 biscuits,2 eggs and ham, bacon or sausage). 8.00 11.50
French Toast or Pancake Breakfast 7.00 9.50
(2 pieces of your choice, 2 eggs and ham, bacon or sausage)..

Country style (all served with hash browns, eggs and choice of E nglish Muffin, white wheat rye toast or biscuit)
½ order Full
Fry 2 Breakfast ( no meat). 6.00 7.50
Country Breakfast ( choice of ham, bacon or sausage) 7.75 10.50
Chicken Fried Steak Breakfast (with white gravy) 8.00 13.00
Hamburger Steak (with brown gravy and grilled onions) n/a 13.50
Eggs Benedict (served with hash browns) n/a 11.50

Omelettes (made with 3 eggs served w/ hash browns and choice of English Muffin, white wheat or toast or biscuit)
Trough (bacon, ham, sausage, onion, green pepper, tomato, mushroom and 3 cheeses) 13.00
Meat (bacon, ham or sausage) 12.00
Denver (ham, onion and green pepper) 11.50
Veggie (onion, green pepper, tomato and mushroom) 11.50
Cheese (3 cheeses …Swiss, American and Cheddar) 9.50

Oatmeal (Old Fashioned Oats with raisins, brown sugar, and served with toast and half and half) 6.50

Big Hoss Homemade Cinnamon Roll(ask for varieties) 5.50

French Toast or Pancakes 1pc. 3.75. 2 pc. 5.50 3pc. 7.50
(Add Huckleberry sauce $3.00…Cool Whip optional)

Breakfast Sides:
1 egg 2.00 2 eggs 3.00
Ham, bacon or sausage 5.00 Hash browns 3.50 with sausage gravy 6.00
Biscuit, English Muffin, or side of Toast 3.00 ½ Hash browns 2.00 with sausage gravy 4.00
Sausage gravy 3.00 Brown or white gravy 2.00
Jalapenos 1.00 Hollandaise 3.00

Hot tea 2.00 Ice Tea 2.00 (1 refill)
Fountain Pop child (1cup) 1.50 Regular(1 refill) 2.00 Shirley Temple or Roy Rogers (no refill) 2.50
Hot Cocoa (w/whip topping, no refill) 2.50. Juice small 2.00 Lg 3.00 *no refill on Milk or Juices
Milk sm 1.00. Lg 2.00 Chocolate Milk sm 1.50 Lg 2.50

Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness. By requesting food under the standard doneness, it is at your own Risk